Chiropractic- What is Medical Coding

Every time a person goes to the chiropractors office for an appointment, there is quite a bit of paperwork and communication that must take place between the doctors office that is seeing you and your insurance company. This is mostly due to the fact that when you go to see a doctor, it works almost as if you are filing a claim, meaning there is a lot more paper work and documentation that needs to take place.

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Medical coding involves the entire process that takes place behind the scenes in a doctors office and there are quite a few things that go on. Those individuals that work in the medical coding portion of a doctors office basically send out billing statements, or claims, to the insurance company that you have. They will then correspond and file all of the paper work, including the records of the patients and any and all data that pertains to the doctors visit. This information also usually goes down in their records, which needs to be taken care of as well.

Anyone that deals with this type of data in medical coding has to be very well versed when it comes to understanding and being able to rapidly complete paper work that contains large volumes of codes, which can take quite a bit of time to learn. Medical coding is very important and the entire medical field as a whole depends on these people to accurately enter the correct information consistently, without making mistakes, as peoples lives truly depend on the information that they put down. Medical records are extremely important, as they can dictate whether you and your family can get health insurance in a lot of cases, and you can bet the information that is recorded determines the rates that people are offered in the future.

Medical coding also essentially runs the revenue streams from within a doctors office. The doctors see patients and perform the medical jobs that need to take place, but the medical coders are the ones that make sure that the money is coming in and keep track of everything. Those that work as a part of a medical coding team for a doctors office typically work in a office like setting, as their tasks are more fitting to that of a regular white collar office building, and more secretarial overall. However, their job is a bit different, as they sort of have to translate the paper work that the doctor has filled out about a patient. A doctor does not fill out a medical report the way that it goes into the computer, and a great deal of the time these doctors are just simply jotting down notes. These papers are then given to the medical coder, who breaks down what is said on the report and translates it onto the computer, in a way that is easily read by insurance companies and can go down as proper documentation.

It is incredibly important the the doctors that work in the office and their medical coders are on the same page, as they have to work with a great deal of patients each day and be able to transfer that information accurately into the computer, which is a process that takes a lot of coordination from both doctors and medical coders.

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